Red Carpet Rocks Franchise System

Red carpet fashion has always been associated with elegance, glamour, and style. The use of incredibly expensive rocks or gemstones to accessorize outfits is a common trend on the red carpet and you see every celebrity on the red carpet wearing jewelry like this which in many cases is more expensive than most people’s homes! These rocks are known as red carpet rocks, and they are often rare and expensive. Urvi Tejani is a fashion designer who has taken this trend to a new level by founding Red Carpet Rocks, a jewelry brand that focuses on red carpet rocks, but makes the glamor, fashion and jewelry affordable, fun and for EVERYONE!

Urvi Tejani is a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design in New York City. She has always had a passion for fashion and jewelry, and her love for fashion and style started when she was working as a stylist for celebrities. She realized that many of her clients were looking for unique and high-quality jewelry pieces made with rare and precious stones, but couldn’t afford the outrageous prices and in many cases didn’t want to own the jewelry as it was for a specific event or function.

Urvi Tejani founded Red Carpet Rocks with the aim of providing regular folks with exclusive and elegant faux jewelry pieces, which look real, present real and make customers feel like a celebrity. The brand has quickly gained popularity among customers who both want to own this beautiful faux jewelry and just rent the product for a function or event, The RCR brand has been featured in major fashion and franchise publications.

Red Carpet Rocks offers a wide range of jewelry pieces, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings along with a range of fashion accessories. Each piece is made with the highest quality craftsmanship and although the jewelry is faux, it looks incredibly real and authentic. There truly isn’t a product out there that could be compared to the quality and statement that Red Carpet Rocks products make.

What sets Red Carpet Rocks apart from other jewelry brands is the focus on the experience and the opportunity to RENT the product for a function or event. When you step into a RCR location, you are treated with champagne, a custom style consultant and one on one attention to every detail and every need. Each jewelry piece is designed to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the jewelry, and the design is carefully crafted to enhance the style and look. There is such a wide range of products that literally any look and style can be accomplished with the RCR experience. Urvi Tejani works closely with her team of designers and manufacturers to ensure that each piece is a work of art.

Red Carpet Rocks has become a go-to brand for people looking for unique and elegant jewelry pieces for red carpet events at an affordable price point. Urvi Tejani’s designs have also been featured on the red carpet at major events like the Met Gala and the Academy Awards.

In conclusion, Urvi Tejani’s Red Carpet Rocks has taken the trend of red carpet rocks to a new level and completely flipped the traditional jewelry retail business model on it’s head. The Red Carpet Rocks franchise system was recently launched to offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage this business model, brand and product production and design capabilities. For more information on the Red Carpet Rocks Franchise model, visit the franchise site RED CARPET ROCKS FRANCHISE.

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