Build a Business that Generates High Margin Revenue AND Helps Save the Planet.

Starting a business from scratch can be a challenging venture riddled with uncertainty and potential missteps. As a Green Earth Power Washing franchisee, you are provided a proven platform along with a turnkey operation ready to go with support and systems in every phase of the business development. Green Earth offers various benefits to our franchisees that set us apart from the competition and focus specifically on the commercial pressure washing franchise space.

Green Earth Power Washing believes superior customer service must be accompanied by unwavering honesty, dependability, and integrity.

Owning a franchise with Green Earth Power Washing provides numerous benefits and value. The total investment required to start a Green Earth Power Washing franchise is between $97,000 to $262,500. This includes the franchise fee and opening inventory order.

Repeatable Revenue through Commercial Pressure Washing.

You can easily sustain a residual, expected revenue stream if you have long-term monthly or yearly contracts. If you know the volume of ongoing business you may expect, you can make informed hiring decisions, provide enough compensation for your employees, and establish a solid foundation for your company.

Commercial accounts have the potential for significant value and referrals. With a high likelihood of extended contracts, there is a possibility for substantial growth in a short period.

Flexible Work Hours and Structure.

You can regain control of your life by becoming your own boss, which gives you the freedom and independence to select your work schedule tailored to meet your specific requirements. You can hire workers on a seasonal basis, take time off during slower times, or take days off for personal reasons as needed. Because pressure washing is an industry affected by the seasons, there will always be periods of high activity and lower activity.

Proven Business Plan for Commercial Pressure Washing Franchise.

Our sustained business plan has been tried and proven, providing you with a wealth of experience and expertise. We know what works when it comes to assisting franchisees in launching and expanding their businesses locally.

We keep things simple and focus on what we know. If you follow our practices, you can have the same level of success we do.

Our hands-on training develops the necessary knowledge and skills with customers. We want you to have confidence in your work and our technology.

Receive Ongoing Franchise Support

Without a doubt, starting your own business may be a scary and stressful experience. By purchasing a franchise, you will receive continuing operational and emotional support, such as help with administration, insurance, legal paperwork, financing, and marketing.

We have staff committed to assisting new and existing franchisees with their day-to-day operations. If you encounter any difficulties, our team members are here to guide you through them and help you in any way they can. Thanks to our training and support, you will be educated on how to manage your company effectively.

Large Territory Franchise Model

You will be provided an exclusive service area to do business, manage, and advertise. The Green Earth model is to have less locations, but who build bigger businesses in larger franchise territories.

We spend a significant amount of time in the early phases determining the optimum territory for the franchise. We consider demographics and geography to ensure our brand’s regular customer base populates a new region. We select major cities as our primary locations and look for opportunities to expand into more suburban and rural areas.

We currently have locations available in Texas, northern Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

A Defined Pricing Model for Commercial Pressure Washing.

You will be able to enjoy financial benefits in our franchise. This is because we can negotiate reduced rates due to mass ordering, which is something you are unable to accomplish as an individual business. This, of course, will save you money and increase the all-important profit margins for your business.

You may also find securing financing for a franchise opportunity easier. Banks are usually more willing to loan money out because franchising has a much higher success rate than going alone. Our proven business plan and company records provide reassurance and confidence to financial institutions.

Reputable Brand and a Family Owned Business.

Because you are a member of the Green Earth Power Washing family, you will not need to spend the same amount of time, energy, or money trying to grow your company profile as you would if you were establishing your own business.

Customers are more likely to be drawn to a well-known brand name because it is viewed as more reliable and trustworthy, and customers know what to expect. Potential customers will feel more confident choosing your business if you already have positive customer feedback and recognition.

Green Earth Power Washing offers a low-cost franchise opportunity that has the potential to change your life by utilizing our unequaled cleaning techniques, business ethics, and knowledge. Don’t hesitate to contact Green Earth for more information about our franchise opportunities.

Green Earth Power Washing Franchise:


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