Franchise Launch

Do you have a dream of owning a successful business….and doing something you love and enjoy every day? Possibly something REALLY FUN like a Gourmet popcorn shop? The Poppin’ Stop Franchise offers interested individuals an opportunity to own and run a successful business without the hassle and long hours in the kitchen. If you possess the passion, drive, and business skills required, you can step into this vastly-growing industry with a team of professionals by your side throughout the business’s lifespan. Having been founded in 2014 by Amber Jacobs, we have grown our brand and equipped our team with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide exceptional customer service all the time. She later relocated her Poppin Stop location to Conyers, Georgia, in 2018, with the Mission to deliver a great experience every time with great product, a amazing experience and a lot of smiles every day.

We have a well-designed and proven business model designed to help you run a modern and sophisticated retail shop with multiple income generation channels. At the beginning of the decade, the popcorn industry was estimated to be a one-billion-dollar market. However, over the years, many handcrafted varieties have been increasing consumption in the country to approximately sixteen billion quarts annually. Since we opened our doors to the public, we’ve had years to develop a procedure and system that guarantees you a substantial piece of the market share.

The gourmet popcorn industry offers an inexpensive and scalable business opportunity if you are looking for a lucrative business. The Poppin Stop Franchise System Mission is always to provide our customers with a one-of-a-kind experience every time they pop in at one of our locations, and we can help you guarantee the same level of quality. Every member of our team goes the extra mile to ensure that you have all the support you need to run a successful venture.

A Strong Franchise Financial Model

With Poppin Stop, your gourmet popcorn outlet is more than just a kiosk business, but a lucrative venture in a multi-billion-dollar industry. We have built a locally and nationally recognized brand that offers customers a fresh batch of high-quality corn that’s popped frequently to maintain freshness. The numbers don’t lie, and our growing clientele is a testament to the success rate of our business model and the importance of continuous support. You can become part of our team by choosing to franchise with us, making your business ownership journey stress-free and profitable. Before venturing into any industry, assessing various aspects of the franchise system, such as understanding the potential for a strong ROI and comparing similar retail models, the Poppin Stop Franchise System stands in a league of it’s own.

Poppin Stop has over a decade of experience and a perfectly structured business model with numerous income potentials providing everything you need to run a successful business. Amber Jacobs takes a proactive approach by focusing support on all your franchise’s vital aspects that impact growth. If you choose to franchise with us, you can expect regular updates and research on techniques to improve customer experience without compromising product quality.

The Poppin Stop franchise offering allows you to leverage the experience of our management team and a proven track record, giving you an added advantage and competitive edge. We aim to help prospective franchise partners get the most from their investment with our appealing and fun gourmet popcorn opportunity that’s handcrafted to suit your specific needs and business structure. Whether you are a snack lover looking to invest in your passion, or a business-oriented individual wanting to break through one of the most profitable industries, we can help you get started on the right foot.

Why Poppin Stop Could Be Right for You

As a prospective franchisee, there are several things you need to consider before getting into a business partnership. Since Poppin Stop was launched in 2014, we have proven our business expertise by customizing a flexible franchise system and easily integrating it into your business style for optimum profits if you want to break through the gourmet popcorn industry without the challenges experienced by startups during the initial stages of the business. We are the ideal business partner for anyone interested in providing an exceptional customer experience and growing their exclusive location to one of the leading gourmet popcorn outlets.

The gourmet popcorn industry has experienced numerous changes in the past decade, and any prospective investor should account for these changes to ensure the business complies with industry standards and regulations. As one of the leading gourmet popcorn brands in the country, we have customized our business model to help you maneuver the industry seamlessly without risking legal infringements. Every member of our franchise fraternity enjoys superior support throughout the business’s lifespan in development, research, and team training, among other crucial aspects impacting growth and success.

Owning a Poppin Spot is a profitable business opportunity, and we can ensure everything is running smoothly through the continued support from our founder and other industry professionals. Let us help you actualize your dream to own a business and enjoy unmatched franchisor participation, helping you turn your investment into a major income-generating venture.   

For more information on a fun and exciting Popcorn Retail Franchise, visit the Poppin Stop Franchise Site:


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