How to Manage Staffing Your Business

It is an interesting time to say the least, but one common factor for just about any business in today’s market (Pandemic / Post Pandemic) is the difficulties in staffing the day to day business. As a business owner, you are facing enormously unique obstacles above and beyond the typical difficulties in finding and keeping good people. With the government continuing to “Stimulus” to the hilt, many positions are extremely hard to find people to work at all, much less bring talent and passion to the job. The reality is that the current circumstances will pass and that the impact of the Pandemic will begin to dissipate. This doesn’t change the fact that finding and keeping good people is always difficult, the current market circumstances have just exacerbated an ever-present issue that is always an obstacle for operating any type of business. The reality is that many employees are willing to work as hard as they need to in order to keep their job and not a whole lot more. The one’s that have the work ethic and drive to do more, many times will leave and chase bigger paying jobs or worse yet, become competition for your business.

When you franchise your business, you in effect address the staffing issue by putting owner operators in business for themself, but not by themself. Although this certainly does not mean Franchising is a silver bullet, the franchisee now becomes a vested owner operator and essentially takes the day to day management off the Franchisor’s plate. This incorporates the staffing of the location and business and the idea is that with the owner onsite every day, they are better positioned to find, develop and keep good people in the operation. It’s not a silver bullet, but by empowering the owner operator and giving them the opportunity to build a business that they own, you now have the most driven, passionate and consistent operator you could hope for. When they win, you as the franchisor wins and this allows you as the CEO of the brand to focus on bigger picture initiatives like growing the company.

There are many industry segments involved in franchising. You can find a franchise representing almost industry, but most of the franchise brands are in industry segments which tend to be labor heavy and require a significant amount of staff to operate. This includes business segments such as food service, staffing, retail, healthcare along with a variety of other markets. Brands such as Anytime Fitness, Brewster’s Ice Cream, Two Men and a Truck and UPS Stores would have had difficulty scaling to even a few locations, but through franchising were able to develop globally recognized brands in part because of the owner operator’s ability to address the staffing needs of each of these businesses. If the leadership were faced with the task of staffing each unit, this would be not only an enormous financial risk, but maybe more importantly extremely complicated and difficult to oversee that many employees. The reality is that even a handful of company owned locations creates a heavy burden on the CEO of the brand.

Franchising a business isn’t for everyone or every brand, but for those that fit the mold and are looking for ways to scale their brand into new markets, the franchise model could be the answer. Attracting and keeping human capital is even more difficult in today’s market making the franchise expansion model that much more attractive. For more information on how to Franchise Your Business, contact Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise) at


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Chris Conner is a franchise development specialist who founded Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS Franchise) in 2009. With over a decade of experience in developing, strategizing and executing franchise programs, FMS Franchise and Mr. Conner have worked with over 700 different franchise programs throughout the United States, Middle East, Australia, Europe, Central America and South America. The FMS Team today is comprised of almost 40 franchise consultants who work directly with new and existing franchise systems. As of today, FMS has sold over 8,000 franchise units across the brands they have worked with.

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