How to Franchise Your Business

Franchise Your Business
Franchise Consultants who help you franchise your company
Franchise Your Business


Who can Franchise a Business?

The most successful franchises in the world are lead by people who have a great vision and are consistent in the way they operate their businesses and their lives. Franchising relies on consistency, trust and support. Good franchisors are great coaches, leaders and have the ability to be inspirational. A successful franchise system usually is headed by a really good communicator and someone who truly cares about other’s success.

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How to Franchise Your Business

Franchise Business Plan:

The First Step is to Plan for the transition from a “company owned” business to that of a franchise system. This requires analyzing the marketplace, understanding who the competition will be for a particular franchise offering and knowing how best to approach the market with a new franchise.

Franchise Documentation:

A good franchise system has great documentation that is clearly written, understandable and makes sense to both the franchisor and the franchisee. In order to franchise your business successfully you should be able to forge and manage relationships well. Solid franchise systems are founded based on relationships, but keeping the relationship clearly defined and the rules/restrictions understood up front is what keeps a franchisor in business. States also require certain registrations and filings in order to be able to offer a franchise for sale in their market.
Franchise Sales
Franchise Development, Efficient and Effective

Franchise Operations Manuals and Training:

The business process and systems need to be documented in a clear and concise manner that will allow the franchisee to both understand the business and minimum standards of operation. The Franchise Operations Manual is both a reference tool and a legal liability limiter for the franchisor.

Franchise Marketing and Franchise Lead Generation:

A good franchise marketing plan and franchise collateral is an essential part of the franchise development process. When considering whether to franchise your business, knowing what your value proposition is and how to voice that to a potential partner is a big part of how successful your franchise will be.

Franchise Sales and Franchise Development:

How do you sell a franchise? Franchise Marketing Systems specializes in franchise development and franchise sales work. Over the years of working specifically in this market niche, the FMS process has been refined to produce maximum efficiencies and optimal results for a given budget and franchise system.

Franchise Marketing Systems looks at a franchise sale as having five phases to the process:

1. Developing the Initial Lead.

2. Prospecting the Initial Lead – Making the First Contact.

3. Initiating “Engagement” – Serious Discussion.

4. Meeting the Franchise Prospect.

5. Closing the Franchise Sale.

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